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Evaluating muscle injuries for Veteran's disability benefits

The various body parts all work together to operate the body, and when people in Georgia suffer injuries to one body part, other functions can suffer. When people injure muscles, they may have trouble walking, trouble lifting, holding onto objects, and his or her fine motor skills can suffer and other basic aspects of life can become difficult. This can affect their personal lives as well as their professional lives. If the injuries affect his or her professional lives, it can then affect their financial well-being.

Veterans like anyone else can suffer muscle injuries, and sometimes they may be more prone to injuries given the dangerous and physical aspects of what they do while serving our country. If they do suffer a muscle injury while in service, they may qualify for veteran's disability benefits, which can be very helpful for their financial situation. The amount they receive though depends on the severity of the injury and how the injury limits their lives.

So, when evaluating muscle injuries, they are categorized as slight, moderate, moderately severe or severe. Slight are minor injuries such as small wounds, easily treatable injuries, injuries with small scars and no limitation of movement. Moderate injuries are deeper wounds, but are not seriously infected, injuries that have some scarring and some loss of power or function.

Moderately severe are deep wounds with infections or debris in them, require hospitalization or have scarring with loss of muscle substance and loss of function. Severe injuries are deep wounds with infections and lots of debris, require lengthy hospitalization, have large jagged scars, loss of muscle, loss of power and abnormal muscle function.

Veterans in Georgia can suffer many different types of injuries while in service for their country. This can be particularly devastating for them especially if they are unable to work. However, they may be able to receive VA disability benefits depending on the severity of the injury. Experienced attorneys understand the evidence needed to receive these benefits and may be a useful resource.

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