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How workers' compensation benefits work with SSDI

People's bodies in Georgia are definitely not indestructible and from time to time people are not 100%. This could be because of injuries or illnesses. These injuries and illnesses can occur in people's homes, in stores, at businesses, in public areas, while people are working and in many other places. No matter where people are injured or become ill it can create a difficult situation for the person as they recover. This is true both physically and financially.

Social Security Disability helps many people

People in Georgia need money in order to pay for food, their homes, clothing and other essentials. Generally, people need to work in order to earn an income and have money to pay for their needs. However, not everyone is able to work and earn an income. Many people have injuries and illnesses which make it physically impossible for them to work. This can put people in this unfortunate situation in a difficult position as they try and figure out how to pay for everything.

Family members may also be able to receive SSDI benefits

Not everyone in Georgia loves their jobs, but they still need to go in order to earn income and support themselves and their families. Without the income making ends meet each month would be difficult. That is why when people are injured or become ill and are unable to work, not only does the injured people suffer, but their families could suffer as well. However, people who are unable to work due to injuries and illnesses may be able to receive Social Security Disability (SSDI) to help ease some of the financial burden.

What conditions qualify a person for social security disability?

Sometimes life does not go as planned for Fayetteville area residents. A major life set-back, like a serious injury or illness can affect if a person can work or not. Of course being able to work is important in allowing a person to afford their apartment or house, groceries, car payments, etc. When a person is not able to work, they may wonder if they qualify for social security disability.

Difference between RSDI, SSD, and SSI

The federal government loves its acronyms. Fayetteville area residents who are exploring their Social Security disability benefits may feel lost in the alphabet soup that Social Security and attorneys frequently use. Social security disability is important for many residents so knowing what some of the acronyms mean can be important.

The health of the SSD trust fund

When a person is diagnosed with a disabling condition, it can be difficult to process. While one might be optimistic that this is only short-term, the reality is that it may take years to recover or even lasting a lifetime. This could result in challenges when it comes to caring for one's self, especially when it comes to making an income. If a disability impacts the ability to work, it may be possible to secure Social Security disability benefits.

'Contingent workers' less likely to apply for SSD benefits

Not everyone in Fayetteville works a traditional nine-to-five job for an employer. Many people these days work as independent contractors, consultants, or otherwise work "gigs" rather than traditional jobs. What these "contingent workers" may not know, however, is that just like those who work for employers, they, too, are entitled to Social Security disability benefits if qualified.

Can SSD benefit recipients return to work on a trial basis?

Many people in Fayetteville who cannot work due to a disability may feel like part of their identity -- their occupation -- has been taken from them. Therefore, even though they may be receiving Social Security disability benefits, if their health allows them, they may want to try re-entering the workforce at some point. However, if they do so will they lose the SSDI benefits they need to get by financially?

How high are SSDI benefits?

SSDI benefits may be a vital lifeline for disabled workers. On average, the monthly Social Security Disability Insurance benefit is $1,234 in Jan. 2019. However, beneficiaries may receive a monthly benefit that is less or more than this amount. Benefits are calculated on a worker's average lifetime earnings. Payments are not based on household income or the severity of the disability.

New rules complicate SSDI hearings

The Social Security Disability eligibility process may be complicated, but new federal regulations issued over the last two years have also added complexity to seeking SSDI benefits. The Social Security Administration imposed requirements that evidence must be submitted within at least five days before a hearing or the administrative law judge must be notified of that evidence within that time. ALJs may refuse to consider evidence that was not submitted before this deadline. Some ALJs may not consider any late evidence unless there was good cause for missing this deadline, but there are no rules defining good cause.


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