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Social Security Disability Benefits for Illnesses Archives

Blood disorders and Social Security Disability benefits

Having a medical ailment can present some difficulties in a person's life. Some illnesses have the ability to cause much fatigue, weakness and the inability to be very active. Such a disorder can be very taxing on individuals in Georgia and elsewhere, especially if the person is unable to work because of it. Whether diagnosed at a young age or later in life, if a medical condition is debilitating, it may be possible for a person to secure Social Security Disability benefits.

Seeking SSD benefits for a mental illness

Living with a disabling illness can be very troubling. The symptoms alone can be challenging to live with; however, for those living with a mental illness, it may not look on the outside like they actually are suffering from a disabling condition. This can present added troubles, as it can be difficult to maintain a normal life. This is where Social Security disability benefits for illness could be of assistance, as it could help individuals in Georgia and elsewhere meet their basic financial needs while they are unable to work because of a mental health condition.

Is Compassionate Allowance SSD available for pancreatic cancer?

In many cases in which a Georgia resident is seeking Social Security disability benefits, the wait time is unavoidable as the Social Security Administration assesses the case and decides whether to approve or deny the claim. For some, their situation is so dire that they need to get the decision and the benefits in a more expedited way. Knowing when and how this can be done is critical to a case.

Can I get disability benefits for epileptic seizures?

Neurological conditions can be difficult to deal with and Georgia residents who are suffering from them will find that it impacts their ability to work. When there are seizures due to epilepsy, the severity can be so significant that they need Social Security disability benefits. Understanding epilepsy, how it is evaluated and when disability benefits will be approved is important before applying. A law firm that helps people with their disability claims should be called for guidance before moving forward with a claim.

Cancer patients can qualify for Social Security disability

Millions of people in the United States are currently fighting a battle against cancer. Cancer takes a toll on people both physically and emotionally, and it can also impact their finances if they are unable to work.

What is considered when seeking SSD benefits for liver disease?

Georgia residents who are suffering from any kind of illness will have problems performing certain activities. Some can lead to the inability to work and a need for extensive treatment. If the illness is severe enough, it is possible to apply for and receive Social Security disability benefits. A key factor in an approval is understanding what constitutes the requirements for qualifying for SSD benefits for illness. When a person is suffering from liver disease, it is important to understand how the Social Security Administration evaluates it based on its diagnosis, symptoms and prognosis.

Can you receive SSD benefits for a personality disorder?

Many Georgia residents have been diagnosed with a mental illness that prevents them from keeping a steady job. According to the Social Security Administration, or SSA, there are various categories of mental illness, including psychotic disorders, affective disorders, also called mood disorders, and personality disorders.

Can SSD benefits be approved if I have not had ongoing treatment?

There might be a misplaced perception that people in Georgia and throughout the U.S. who are seeking Social Security disability benefits for a cardiovascular condition or illness have been getting extended treatment for their issues. For a variety of reasons, that is not always the case. Perhaps the individual was unaware of the extent of their issues and did not get treatment until it reached a point where they had become disabled and needed to consider SSD benefits. Or financial concerns and a lack of medical insurance prevented them from seeking treatment that they needed. Regardless of the reason, a lack of evidence must be addressed when seeking SSD.

Seizures can seriously impact your ability to work

Millions of people worldwide suffer from epilepsy, a disorder in which abnormal electrical activity causes seizures and other serious symptoms. While seizures do not necessarily prevent people from performing work-related tasks, a seizure occurring at the wrong time can turn into a serious hazard for you or the coworkers around you. Stress is often a common cause of seizures and even office workers that do not do much physical labor can often suffer from them.


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