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What is substantial gainful activity?

As you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, the SSA will determine if you are unable to engage in substantial gainful activity. In other words, the SSA will only award disability benefits to people who are unable to earn more than a certain amount each month. People earning more than this amount each month are generally considered to be engaging in SGA and are not usually eligible for benefits.

How to help the SSA process your SSD application faster

One of the big problems for people applying for Social Security Disability benefits is the amount of time it takes for their applications to be processed. According to the Social Security Administration, processing a SSD application can take anywhere from three to five months. Many initial applications are denied, and applicants will have to file an appeal, which can take even more time. Fortunately, there are a few things Georgia disability applicants can do to have their applications processed as quickly as possible.

SSD benefits and the definition of disability

Being self-sufficient is part of the American dream. One seeks to acquire a good job, allowing them to make an income that can help support their goals and dreams. Unfortunately, unexpected events in life and hinder this. A disabling injury following an accident could result in the inability to work. This further creates financial challenges when it comes to the ability to pay for one's basic living needs.

Can I automatically qualify for SSD benefits?

When you apply for Social Security disability benefits in Georgia, the Social Security Administration will review your application to determine whether you meet the criteria to qualify for benefits. After determining whether you have accumulated enough work credits, the SSA will determine if your medical condition qualifies as a disability under the SSA's definition. According to the SSA, a disability must last for a minimum of 12 months or be expected to result in death and prevent a person from engaging in substantial gainful activity.

Establishing your medical condition and symptoms for SSD benefits

The most challenging part of a Social Security Disability claim can be proving to the Social Security Administration that your illness or impairment prevents you from working. The SSA approves many applications for Social Security disability benefits, but the reality is that a majority of claims are initially denied. These denials often stem from the claimant's inability to prove that their medical condition exists and is severe enough to negatively affect their ability to work.

SSD benefits available for minors who have lost a parent

Losing a parent can be one of the most difficult things you have to go through, particularly if you are a child. When a parent passes away, the child not only loses emotional support, but also financial support. Fortunately, Social Security disability benefits may be available to children in Georgia who lose an income-earning parent.

How does the national economy factor in with SSD benefits?

There are basic requirements for those who are seeking Social Security disability benefits. Georgia residents who claim their issues result in an inability to work must meet the criteria for Residual Functional Capacity and not being able to perform Substantial Gainful Activity. A key aspect of whether a person can work goes beyond their physical capabilities. The national economy and work that exists in it is an important part of a claim for SSD benefits and the assessment.

Back problems may qualify you for Social Security disability

Anyone suffering from back problems in Georgia knows how difficult it can be to even get up in the morning, let alone spend a full day at work. If you have chronic back pain that prevents you from working, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

Our attorneys can help you get the SSD benefits you deserve

Georgia residents suffering from a disability or medical condition that prevents them from working may feel overwhelmed by their financial obligations. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration approves Social Security disability benefits for thousands of people each year. If you qualify, these benefits will be a source of income for you and your family.

What should you know about SSD benefits and Ticket to Work?

There is often a perception that Georgia residents who are seeking or receiving Social Security Disability benefits are completely unable to work. While an inability to work is often a factor in receiving SSD benefits, it is not a requirement. People who believe they can work should understand how the Ticket to Work program can benefit them in this endeavor.


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