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How to receive VA benefits for car and adaptive equipment

Many people in Georgia drive vehicles almost every day. People need to drive to work, to entertainment, to get their children to school and activities, go to the store and for many other reasons. Being able to drive makes doing all of these things much easier, and in some situations; it may be essential in order to complete all the activities they would like to complete. People may take being able to drive a vehicle for granted, but many individuals are physically unable to drive a vehicle.

VA benefits for children of veterans with birth defects

There are many injuries and illnesses that do not really show signs of affecting people's lives in Georgia until well after the injury or illness was first incurred. Sometimes cancer and other illnesses can be present for a lengthy period of time before people realize they have it. Also, sometimes people suffer injuries that may not seem very serious at the time but develop into a more serious problem over time. This is true for veterans coming home after serving in various countries.

Benefits for illnesses that develop after service for veterans

No one likes to get sick in Georgia. However, it is a fact of life and at some point in time everyone will get sick. Some illnesses are worse than others though, and people can contract the illnesses from different sources and in different situations. These illnesses can create various complications and may require medical treatment. In some cases, medical care is necessary for a very long time or for the rest of their life. They can also be costly as medical bills can add up and people may lose income if they are unable to work.

Veterans exposed to hazardous materials could receive benefits

People from Georgia who have served in the military may have been exposed to many different situations during their service. Many have been overseas and faced combat at various levels. These combat situations put people's lives at risks. However, due to exposure to some of the chemicals used in weapons or from other conditions in the countries people have fought in, veterans may face residual effects of combat long after they return home.

Obtaining VA disability benefits for PTSD

Many people in Georgia are currently in the military or served in the military at some point in time. There are many requirements for people in the military and many will be deployed at some point during their time in the military. These deployments can send people in the military to many different places and many times it involves being in combat. During these situations, soldiers can experience some very traumatic events. These events can have a lasting impact on a person's life that can affect the individuals for a long time.

Process for determining VA disability benefits

There are many people in Georgia who are either actively in the military or were active duty members at one point in time. These people serve a very important service for our country, but it is a dangerous one and many things can happen when people are performing their duties. Many people come home from tours with significant injuries that can be a lifelong issue for some people. These injuries can make life very difficult and limit their ability to earn income as well.

Medical conditions covered by VA disability benefits

There are many veterans in Georgia and they have provided a tremendous service to their country and sacrificed a lot in doing so. It can be very difficult being away from friends and family for extended periods of time. They are also often times in dangerous situations and are risking their lives when performing their duties. Many also suffer injuries as well while in service. These injuries also can last much longer than just their time in the military and the injuries could affect them for a very long time and sometimes the rest of their lives.

Veterans' disability system changes proposed

There have been criticisms that the number and complexity of medical examinations and costs in the veterans' disability system are excessive. To combat this, the federal government has proposed a series of reforms in the President's 2020 budget that would revise medical examinations for veterans benefits.

VA may not fight appeal of Navy veterans' benefits

Awarding benefits for war-related injuries is not always assured. Thousands of navy veterans are ineligible for veterans benefits for any disability from their exposure to chemical defoliants used in the Vietnam War, which have been associated with serious and rare cancers. However, the Department of Veterans' Affairs does not recommend appealing a federal court ruling awarding disability benefits to veterans who claim exposure to these chemicals during ship deployments off Vietnam's coast.

What is a 'service-connected' disability claim?

Many of our brave military men and women come back from serving our country with injuries or illnesses incurred or aggravated during their time in service. These medical conditions are often considered "service-connected." Veterans with service-connected conditions are generally eligible for non-taxable disability compensation through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs unless the veteran was dishonorably discharged.


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