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SSDI Disability Claims For Multiple Sclerosis

If you have developed multiple sclerosis, getting through the day may be challenging enough, let alone working for a living. The Social Security Administration recognizes MS as a qualifying disability. However, a diagnosis is just the beginning of a claim for benefits.

The Rogers, Hofrichter & Karrh has helped many MS sufferers document their medical issues, detail the impact on daily life and satisfy the SSA that they cannot sustain employment. With 25 years of experience in disability law and our diligent preparation of claims and appeals, we have achieved a high rate of success on behalf of our clients.

Our attorneys have handled multiple sclerosis claims throughout the Metro Atlanta area and statewide Georgia. Arrange a free consultation today, whether you are considering filing a claim or yours has already been denied.

Demonstrating Multiple Sclerosis Disability

We work with clients and their doctors to confirm a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and document one or more of the qualifying criteria for an MS claim:

  • Impaired motor function – Problems with walking, gross movement or fine motor skills in at least two limbs, or significant muscle weakness or muscle fatigue from modest exertion
  • Significant visual impairment – Poor eyesight even with corrective measures
  • Mental impairment – Effects of lesions on the brain, if the behavior or cognitive issue meets SSA criteria as a qualifying psychiatric condition.

Many clients also experience disabling or psychological side effects of the powerful medications such as Avanex used to slow the progression of MS and counter the symptoms. We add this evidence to the MRI findings and other objective diagnostics to create a full picture of why our client’s disease makes it impossible to function at any job.

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