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Improvement in prostheses could make a real difference

It seems logical to think that most people who have disabilities would change their bodies if they could to replace what was taken from them. For example, the runner Oscar Pistorius from South Africa -- who dazzled observers with his carbon fiber "legs" to compete at the Olympics with able-bodied runners -- essentially turned his physical limitations into advantages with technology.

Groups want stores to pull products with harmful chemicals

Georgians are unable to work and need to live off of benefits from Social Security disability insurance for a variety of reasons. In some cases it may be due to injury; in other cases, it's a debilitating illness that prevents people from holding down a job.

Critics of Social Security disability don't see the whole picture

With the sequestration crisis forcing many government cutbacks, some lawmakers have been suggesting that a program seen as a handout to people who don't really deserve it -- Social Security disability -- be cut back as well. However, to the millions of people who depend on the benefits, including many in the Atlanta area, this is a gross misconception.

Social Security Administration takes gifts into account for eligibility

Many people are familiar with the requirements for qualifying for Social Security disability benefits, but may not know that there are additional requirements to keep them. In the holiday season, many families exchange gifts, some of which may be rather expensive. However, the amount of property a beneficiary has can cause them to lose their benefits.

An answer for painful disabilities

In some quarters,  the perception is that people on long-term disability lie around the house doing nothing while collecting benefits. In fact, many sufferers want to get back into action and reclaim their lives, and a new self-help program might let them do just that. First things first - this is not a pill or a quick-and-easy cure. It takes time, hard work, and a certain amount of gritty determination. A company called Webility developed Maze-Masters and, by the way, it has nothing to do with finding the way through a series of alleys and dead-ends. The name refers to those lost in the maze of workers compensation and Social Security Disability systems, looking for a way out.

Hard times ahead for Social Security Disability Insurance

As that "fiscal cliff" just down the road looms closer and closer, people depending on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) need to understand just how serious their situation is. First, the fund will run dry in fiscal 2016, which actually begins on October 1, 2015. All the money set aside for the benefits millions depend upon will be gone, the accounts empty, all the bonds redeemed. The Congressional Budget Office says Congress will have to decide whether to borrow money, transfer it from someplace else, or just pay out what comes in via payroll taxes. It's a safe bet they're looking for coins in the couch cushions at the Social Security Office.


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