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Veterans’ benefits backlog still frustrating those who need help

On Behalf of | May 4, 2013 | Veterans' Issues

We have written numerous times on this blog about the wait many veterans in Georgia and all throughout our nation have had to wait in order for their decisions on benefits to be made — not just when they will receive them, but if they will get them at all. The problem is continuing to get worse — and the people who are waiting for veterans’ benefits can hardly stand to wait much longer. The system is almost designed to be complicated; it is still reliant on paper forms being filled out and sent to the correct place.

One woman profiled in a recent story exemplifies the issues that veterans — many of them relatively young — are experiencing. While serving our country in the Army during Operation Desert Storm, she developed a chronic lung condition. For two years, she has tried to get her claim processed and approved so she can get the veterans’ disability payments that she needs. As it stands now, she can scarcely walk and speak at the same time; she needs supplemental oxygen all the time and working any kind of job is basically impossible.

The fact that there are so many veterans of relatively recent wars is contributing to the backlog. Many brave men and women who served in World War II and in Korea have passed on; recent influxes in claims not just from the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan but also many claims regarding Agent Orange from Vietnam service are overloading the system. People who need benefits can turn to an experienced veterans’ benefits attorney for guidance.

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