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83 percent of people with bipolar disorder are severely affected

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Imagine being euphoric, something much more than just being in a good mood. Imagine being like that for a whole week. It doesn’t sound too bad, but also take into account that during that week you would get very little sleep, you would have trouble focusing or getting anything done, and you may engage in dangerous or risky behavior. Now, imagine going from that high to severe depression that makes it difficult to focus and make decisions.

This is what life is like for most people in Atlanta with bipolar disorder. These highs and lows and the ever-constant cycling between the two can be incredibly difficult. Not only does it interfere with a person’s personal life, but it also can make it impossible to work. And, with 83 percent of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder being diagnosed with severe symptoms, it is important to provide Social Security disability insurance benefits to those who have been diagnosed.

Fortunately, bipolar disorder is easily treatable, presuming that someone has been correctly diagnosed. One of the most difficult things to do, however, is getting that correct diagnosis. Because bipolar disorder has both highs and lows, many people may be incorrectly diagnosed with depression or anxiety. In addition, bipolar disorder symptoms have considerable overlap with other mental health issues.

While bipolar disorder is easily treatable, not everyone will respond to treatment, meaning that there are still many people in Atlanta and across the country who will rely on federal disability benefits to cover their medical costs and their other living costs.

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