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Veterans’ backlog decreases by 20 percent since all-time high

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2013 | Veterans' Issues

When veterans apply for disability benefits, just like any civilian applying for federal disability benefits in Atlanta, they expect to have their claim looked at, fairly adjudicated and their benefits distributed in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, just like civilians applying for federal disability benefits, veterans’ disability claims are facing a disturbing delay. Earlier this month, the Department of Veterans Affairs said there were 490,000 veterans who have waited more than 125 days without hearing anything about their claims.

This is a shockingly high number of veterans, individuals who have given up so much for the people of Georgia and the whole country, that are still waiting to hear if they are eligible for disability benefits. While they wait, many of them are unable to work because of their injuries and medical conditions, and until they get the benefits, they may be struggling to make ends meet.

While this number is unacceptably high, it should be noted that the Department of Veterans Affairs has managed to drop the number by 20 percent since its all-time high only four months ago. Despite this improvement, a group of veterans calling themselves the Concerned Veterans for America submitted a petition to the VA calling for Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki to be fired and for the president to completely eliminate the backlog.

As of right now, however, it does not seem the group will get its way. For now, veterans will continue to apply for benefits with the help of their veterans’ disability benefits lawyer and wait until their claim can be processed.

Source: The Washington Post, “Figures show continued decline in disability backlog, but criticism persists,” Steve Vogel, Aug. 20, 2013


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