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Depression second leading cause of disability

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Millions of people suffer from depression in the United States. Depression is one of the most common types of mental illnesses in the world, and a new report found that depression is a common reason for disability. 

Depression causes disinterest or sadness in things a person once enjoyed. Many people who suffer from depression have mental and physical problems that make it difficult to continue working so it is not surprising that depression is the second leading cause of disability in the world. 

Depression can impact anyone, and the cause of this mental illness is still unknown. Individuals suffering from depression should know that they are not alone, and the disease is treatable. Mental health professionals, medication and even exercise can help treat depression. 

Depression and other mental illnesses can be very difficult to live with. Many people with depression struggle getting out of bed and doing daily activities like working. This can make it very difficult to earn a living as well as receive proper medical treatment. 

Depression is covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act, and individuals with depression can apply for Social Security disability benefits offered by the Social Security Administration. SSDI benefits can help people with depression by providing monthly benefits to help pay for living expenses like housing costs, food, clothing, medication and treatment. 

Individuals thinking about applying for SSDI benefits may want to contact a Social Security Disability attorney for help during the application process. SSDI applications require medical and personal information for officials to determine if you meet the qualifications to receive benefits. 

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