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Individuals applying for disability benefits face challenges

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2014 | Social Security Disability

An adult or child may be rendered disabled for a number of reasons. Some children are born with genetic conditions that may affect them physically or mentally. Others may become disabled later in life as the result of a work or car accident in which an individual suffer a traumatic brain injury or spinal injury. In other cases, a serious illness or medical condition such as cancer, an autoimmune disease or mental illness may also result in an individual becoming disabled.

Regardless of the circumstances, individuals who suffer mental or physical disabilities are often unable to perform basic everyday tasks or work duties. As a result, many disabled Americans are not able to work resulting in a large percentage of these men and women being forced to live in poverty. Thankfully, social security disability benefits are available to provide financial assistance for those individuals who qualify. Unfortunately, the process of applying for SSD benefits is complex, lengthy and confusing.

Individuals who become disabled after suffering a serious injury or illness would be wise to begin the process of applying for SSD benefits as soon as possible. Many SSD applicants can benefit from the advice and assistance of an attorney who handles SSD matters. If an individual is approved, he or she will begin receiving monthly SSD benefits six full months from the date the application was approved.

In cases where an individual’s application is denied, an attorney can help in the appeals process and make sure adequate medical documentation as well as other necessary supporting documentation is provided to help ensure for a more favorable outcome.

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