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Social Security expediting disabled veterans SSDI claims

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2014 | Veterans' Issues

Veterans in Georgia who are living with a disability should be aware of a new program that could help them receive Social Security Disability benefits faster. The Social Security Administration recently announced a new program to expedite SSDI claim decisions for veterans with disabilities.

The new initiative would help veterans with disabilities have their claims reviewed much faster compared to the regular review process. The new program starts March 17 and could help many veterans have their SSDI claims expedited, but veterans have to meet eligibility requirements to have their claims and decision process expedited.

Veterans who have a 100 percent Permanent and Total disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs may qualify for the new, expedited review process offered by the SSA. Veterans will need to provide their VA Notification Letter to prove they have a 100 percent P&T VA disability rating before they will be able to have their SSDI claims expedited.

It is important to note that the new program allows veterans’ disability claim reviews to be expedited. It does not necessarily mean a veteran’s claim will be approved since it still depends on the applicant qualifying according to SSDI definitions and guidelines.

The new program could significantly impact our nation’s veterans and help them start receiving SSDI benefits much faster than they would without the program. The SSDI application process can seem very complex for many people, and veterans in Georgia living with disabilities may be struggling with making ends meet. That is why it is important for veterans to know about this new program offered by the SSA that may help them receive SSDI benefits much faster. SSDI benefits can make a huge difference for many people so veterans should look into applying under the new program if they have a 100 percent P&T VA disability rating.

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