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Finding the right kind of benefits for veterans

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2014 | Veterans' Issues

There are few individuals more respected by Fayetteville residents than veterans. These individuals have put their life on the line for the benefit of their fellow citizens, and many have paid a dear price by coming home with service-related injuries and wounds.

In spite of their service and their sacrifices, many veterans are still subject to high financial obligations, and in need of assistance to meet these obligations. These individuals may qualify for different types of veterans’ benefits, which can help the person meet their financial obligations.

For instance, in addition to military retirement pay, individuals may qualify for veterans and Social Security disability benefits depending upon their individual situation. Almost 60,000 veterans received all three different kinds of benefits last year.

While the receipt of multiple benefits has drawn criticism from some, there are differences in the types of benefits available. For instance, disability benefits are warranted for those who have service-related injuries, which is different from military retirement pay. Veterans who collect multiple benefits are often disabled, with about four in five veterans who received all three payments having a disability rating above 50 percent. In all, about three percent of the nearly two million military retirees nationwide are collecting all three benefits.

Ultimately, the type of benefits that are available to an individual will depend on his or her personal circumstances. This includes an assessment of the individual’s status as a veteran and the extent of disability that is suffered by the individual. By working with an experienced attorney, individuals in need of financial assistance can ensure they will receive the right type of benefits for their personal situation.

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