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Getting help to Georgia’s veterans through various benefits

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2014 | Veterans' Issues

While another Veterans Day has come and gone, many Georgia residents remain mindful of those who serve. The sacrifices made by veterans are virtually unmatched by any other group in society, as veterans put their lives on the line to serve the country they love.

Among the veterans who have served with pride are countless women of all ages and ranks. As with their male counterparts, female veterans may be able to qualify for a variety of veterans benefits, including disability compensation, education and training benefits, home loans and other benefits.

A variety of benefits are available in particular for those who were injured while serving in combat. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides benefits for health care coverage, as well as rehabilitation. In addition, those who are injured may well qualify for veterans disability benefits.

Female veterans should be aware of the resources that exist to help individuals qualify for benefits. For instance, the VA’s Center for Women Veterans coordinates the Department’s administration of benefits as it pertains to female veterans. Women may gain an advocate through the Center, and some assistance in coordinating the services they need. While the Center can provide a start and some generalized information, many may need more individualized assistance to process and coordinate their benefits.

Ultimately, the process of qualifying for, applying for, and coordinating different benefits can be overwhelming at first. As a result, female and male veterans alike should realize the resources they have at their disposal, and seek help when needed in order to obtain the much-needed benefits they deserve.

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