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Dealing with heart disease? Look into SSDI benefits

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illnesses

There are few things that Georgia residents value more than their personal health. A person’s health can influence virtually everything in his or her life, including the person’s ability to perform basic daily activities and carry on employment.

A good example of this is with a condition like heart disease. Heart disease has become a very common condition that impacts many Georgia residents. Indeed, it has become one of the leading causes of death in the country, with over 600,000 people dying each year because of the disease. That amounts to about one in four deaths nationwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Heart disease can be a particularly troublesome condition for individuals who are attempting to maintain gainful employment. The stress and environment a person deals with at work can make it next to impossible to continue full-time employment, particularly after a person suffers a heart attack, stroke or other serious health event.

In these situations where a person’s pain and suffering makes it difficult to return to work, individuals should consider whether they are eligible for Social Security disability benefits for illness. The loss of employment likely means the person has also lost his or her income, which can pose a significant problem when it comes to meeting the ongoing monthly financial obligations the person still has to meet. Accordingly, the Social Security disability benefits, when available, can be a financial lifeline to the disabled individual.

In order to obtain benefits, individuals will need to apply and demonstrate their eligibility. The eligibility determination will often turn on the person’s health condition and what impact it has on the person’s ability to continue to work.

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