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How long can it take to be approved for SSD benefits?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2015 | Social Security Disability, Social Security Disability

When Georgia residents want something very badly, the wait is often the hardest part. This is especially true when the thing at issue is not merely just a want, but a need, such as financial assistance that may be needed in order to survive.

This explains why many individuals are often concerned about the time it takes to be approved for Social Security disability benefits. When a person has a disability and is prevented from earning an income, the individual often needs the financial assistance that comes with the disability benefits in as short of time as possible.

Individuals thus are urged to apply for disability benefits in a timely manner, as the quicker the person applies for the benefits, the quicker he or she will be approved. There is no set timetable in terms of how long it takes before a person gets a decision back as to whether that approval will be granted. However, there are various factors that play into the timing.

For instance, the nature of the person’s disability may play a part in determining how long it will take to get a decision. Similarly, the medical evidence that is provided will be a factor, as it can take longer to get a decision if the agency has to wait for certain medical evidence from the applicant’s physician.

In addition, there can be further steps that could be taken before a decision is made. For example, the agency may want to have the person sent in for a medical examination, which will take some time to schedule and complete. Likewise, if the agency reviews the individual’s application for quality purposes, it can add some time to the process.

Accordingly, there are many different factors that will apply in terms of how long it takes before a decision comes back. The individual can do his or her best to ensure a timely decision, such as meeting all of the documentation requirements and lining up the necessary paperwork and evidence to avoid any unnecessary delays.

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