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What does the SSA consider in reviewing a disability application?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2015 | Social Security Disability

When Georgia residents make important decisions in their lives, there are often a number of factors that must be considered. Certain factors can weigh in favor of one course of action, while other factors might weigh in favor of the opposite decision. The legal system is ripe with these types of tough decisions. Of course, in the legal system, these decisions are often made by a judge or other decision makers, while the individuals involved in the case are advocating for one decision or another to be made.

When it comes to Social Security disability benefits for illness, the Social Security Administration will decide whether a person is entitled to disability benefits. As previously discussed in this blog, this decision can take some time as disability benefits might not be paid for months after the disability began. However, this is assuming the application was approved.

The reason for this is because the Social Security Administration looks at a number of factors in making its decision of whether to approve or deny benefits. The nature of the person’s disability, for example, can affect how long it takes to get a decision back.

The medical evidence in support of the claim can also play a role in this process, as the decision will necessarily take longer to be made if the Social Security Administration has a difficult time obtaining medical evidence from the person’s doctor or another medical source. Likewise, if the agency decides that the person needs a medical examination to determine whether he or she is disabled, this can extend the time it takes to make a decision.

Finally, the agency may review the application for quality purposes, which can add another layer in the process that takes some time to complete. Accordingly, there are several factors that will impact how long the decision making process takes, with some factors being in the individual’s control and others being influenced by the internal processes at the agency.

This process discussed above is just a general description of what could occur and should not be taken as advice. Therefore, individuals in the Social Security application process might find it helpful to seek legal guidance about his or her matter. This will ensure informed decisions are made and the applicant fully understands his or her situation.

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