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Can veterans with VA benefits qualify for SSD benefits?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2016 | Veterans' Issues

This past Memorial Day, as with every year, many Georgia residents took the opportunity to reflect and remember the sacrifices from American veterans. In addition to remembering those sacrifices, Memorial Day provides a chance to think of what can be done to help living veterans, including those who have suffered injuries in service of their country.

A crucial part of helping veterans is ensuring that they have the financial stability they need, including disability benefits for those who are eligible. However, issues can arise between different kinds of disability benefits.

Recently, for example, this blog discussed how certain kinds of benefits can impact a person’s ability to collect Social Security disability benefits. Fortunately, it is possible for veterans to receive disability benefits from both the Social Security Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

At the same time, the ability for veterans’ disability claim payments to be made under both programs depends on the eligibility requirements of each program. Because the programs are established for different purposes, they have different eligibility requirements that must be satisfied before benefits are paid.

Typically, the VA can pay benefits for a partial disability. This may not be the case with SSD benefits, which ordinarily only pays benefits to those who have severe impairments that prevent them from substantial gainful activity.

Accordingly, an individual may qualify for disability benefits under both programs, or just one program but not the other. As a result, it is vital that veterans understand the different eligibility requirements of each program, in order to receive all potential benefits they are entitled to receive.

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