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Social Security disability benefits for Wounded Warriors

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2016 | Veterans' Issues

Georgia residents who were in the military and suffered injuries or illness as a result need to understand their rights to seek Social Security disability benefits. It is also important to know that as Wounded Warriors, their SSD claims can also be eligible for expedited processing. Understanding how to receive this accommodation is important to those who served, were injured or became ill as a result and need their benefits immediately.

There is a difference between payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs and SSD benefits in the criteria, process and programs used to approve or deny benefits. When a veteran is found to have a compensation rating of 100 percent permanent and total, it does not automatically mean he or she will be granted SSD benefits. For SSD benefits, it is necessary that the person be found disabled by Social Security. What this means is that the person is not able to perform substantial work due to a medical condition, and the condition must have been in place or will be in place for a minimum of one year or end in the person’s death. Those who are receiving compensation from the VA will not necessarily benefit from this fact in the decision on their SSD benefits.

In order to receive expedited processing, the person must have been rated 100 percent P&T. The Social Security Administration must be told that the person has been rated as such during the application process. The letter from the VA regarding the designation of 100 percent P&T rating must be provided to the SSA. The amount of time it takes for the SSA to make a decision depends on the person’s disability, the speed at which the medical information is received and whether or not it will be required for the person to be sent for a medical examination for more evidence.

Those who served our country and are suffering an illness or condition as a result need to be aware of their rights. Those with a veterans’ disability claim should make certain they use all the avenues open to them for expedited processing and other benefits. Speaking to a legal professional experienced in SSD benefits can help.

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