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Navigating SSDI for work-related injury and others

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2016 | Injuries, Social Security Disability

The legal system can be a difficult place to navigate for Georgia residents who have not encountered it before. Making matters worse, people are often thrust into the legal system at an unexpected time and not by their own choice. This is typically the case when individuals present a claim for disability benefits after they have suffered a work-related injury.

For example, this blog has recently discussed how individuals may be able to apply for different kinds of benefits, including Social Security disability benefits and workers’ compensation, if they are no longer able to work. Each type of benefit has different eligibility requirements, however, which means the person may be eligible for one kind of benefit but not the other, both benefits or none at all.

While different benefits may be available, these different kinds of benefits can impact one another. An offset of Social Security disability benefits may be required, for instance, when the person also receives workers’ compensation benefits at the same time.

Our firm understands that people who have suffered a work-related injury may be in need of assistance in order to navigate through the complex legal system and obtain disability benefits. We work closely with our clients to determine what particular benefits they may be eligible for, and how they can satisfy these eligibility requirements.

We can also help our clients determine how different kinds of benefits may impact one another and how their best interests may be protected when they are trying to recoup lost wages and make it through this difficult time. For more information about our firm’s services, please visit our webpage on Social Security disability benefits for injuries.


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