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How age can affect social security disability benefits

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2016 | Social Security Disability, Social Security Disability

Social security disability is a broad term given to financial aid given by the government to deserving people and families. Many people in the Fayetteville area receive or are eligible to receive social security disability benefits due to their personal or family situation. Many factors affect the outcome of a social security disability decision. One of those factors, age, can affect whether or not the decision is favorable and even the amount of the decision.

Families and individuals will receive social security disability for a multitude of different reasons. Some people are ill, or have suffered an injury. These illnesses or injuries are of such that they put the person at a disadvantage and this disadvantage is often compensable by the SSD fund. Age can affect how disability benefits change and flow. For example, after a certain age, you or a loved one receiving social security disability may automatically qualify for an increase in support.

Full retirement age, also known as FRA, can entitle one to more benefits than prior to reaching 66 years of age. If someone claims a certain disability amount prior to reaching full retirement age, it can decrease the percentage that you are able to claim over time. Essentially, claiming disability benefits or other related social security benefits too soon can affect how much you are paid in the long term. When it comes to collecting a spouse’s or deceased spouse’s social security benefits, it can become more complicated when combined with any benefits you may receive, or potentially receive.

There isn’t always a quick answer as to how much social security disability one may receive. Since a variety of factors can affect whether or not it awarded, as well as the amount, weighing one factor against the other can seem confusing. If applying for the first time, it is not usual to be denied social security disability benefits for one reason or another. There are ways to become better acquainted with social security disability and your eligibility.

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