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On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2016 | Veterans' Issues

Veterans deserve our utmost gratitude and respect. This is because many give up things, or even make the ultimate sacrifice, in service to our nation’s security and well-being. Some of those that serve the country are injured in connection with their service. Some injuries heal, others leave some veterans with life-long disability or injury.

Those that live with a disability or illness after their service may qualify for certain veterans’ benefits. These injuries may manifest physically or they can be psychological. Whatever the issue, veterans should receive the best care. Fayetteville veterans and their families may be able to receive veterans’ benefits in the form of expense coverage related to the injury. This would be allocated after making a veterans’ disability claim.

Benefits are not always automatically granted by the government after a servicemember returns home after injury. Petitioning for benefits is sometimes the way to get the ball rolling after an injury or illness has negatively affected a servicemember. Clients throughout the state of Georgia find that they have had similar situations after suffering injury or illness related to military service. At Rogers Hofrichter & Karrh LLC, we understand the nature of the situation and want to help make it right.

Regardless of the ailment afflicting the servicemember, medical care can potentially help the injured or ill. This applies to military members who are often very deserving of quality medical care. Combat can render Georgia military members disabled or with life-long illnesses related to their past military service. Understanding the rights that guarantee military members certain veterans’ benefits can help to bridge the gap.


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