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Work accident injury could qualify for social security disability

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2017 | Social Security Disability, Social Security Disability

There are so many Fayetteville workers that are upstanding and responsible workers. Many work full or part-time for years without having any incident or injury. Meanwhile, every worker pays a portion of their earnings into federally obligated social security. However, some need to access social security funds prior to retirement. Social security disability exists for the sole reason of helping injured or ill workers make ends meet in the short or long-term.

However, social security disability funds do not just appear in your bank account. They have to be requested according to a strict and regimented set of rules. There are several steps in the process of proving that you are in fact eligible for social security disability and for how much you are entitled. In some cases, it is determined for a specific period of time.

Not every claim seeking social security disability is approved. Sometimes a person seeking social security disability doesn’t understand the requirements or doesn’t provide the correct information. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t entitled to it. A work injury is a reason that a Fayetteville resident would desire to seek social security disability, and the injured worker may very well be entitled.

The difference is, does the person prove that they are deserving of social security disability? The process can be well worth the wait, especially for injured or ill workers who are unable to return to work. Lost wages can really turn a person’s financial situation upside-down. At Rogers Hofrichter and Karrh LLC, we take these claims seriously and will advocate on a client’s behalf to achieve a favorable outcome.


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