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What are some ways to file a veteran’s disability claim?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Veterans' Issues

Many Georgia veterans live with service-connected injuries as a result of their invaluable service to our country. Many of these vets may be eligible for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, which can help with a veteran’s issues. In order to get the ball rolling on getting these VA benefits, it is usually necessary to file an application with the government agency. This blog post will provide some information on the process of applying for benefits from the federal VA.

The VA recommends that vets who wish to apply for benefits do so with the help of an accredited representative. An accredited representative is a person or organization that has the permission of the VA to represent veterans before the agency. Because of their knowledge and training, these representatives have the confidence of the VA that the claims they help to file will be complete and competently executed.

Another option that exists is for veterans to apply online at the VA’s website using eBenefits. It is possible to upload both the application and any necessary supporting documentation using the website. The advantage of using eBenefits is that the processing time may be shorter and the decision made more quickly. If a veteran finds that this process is complex, the veteran can choose to switch to an accredited representative after beginning the process on eBenefits.

If a veteran may need help with securing necessary documentation from the entities maintaining them, the VA regional office should be able to help. Using the VA regional office’s services is an alternative to the first two methods. It is also possible to correspond with the VA regional office by mail and to submit a claim by mail to the office.

What happens if a veteran’s disability claim is denied? A veteran whose claim is denied has the option of going through the appeals process. Many vets have had success with their appeal, but the process isn’t simple. Therefore, individuals in this situation may want to consider seeking help from a competent legal professional.

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