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Have retail sector injuries surpassed other industries?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Social Security Disability, Social Security Disability

Making ends meet becomes difficult after an Atlanta resident is unable to continue working due to an injury. Asking for help is often difficult, even if it is from the Social Security Administration to get the Social Security Disability benefits that one has been contributing through his or her employment. It is even more frustrating when one has to gather the necessary documents, go through a complicated application procedure and then be told SSD benefits have been denied because one’s condition does not qualify as a disability or for another stated reason.

Individuals count on getting approved for SSD benefits to make ends meet and get the medical treatment they desperately require. However, applicants often feel the whole system is stacked against them, which is why they are likely to give up. Especially since only 33 percent of first-time applications are approved, while a majority of appeals are approved, if someone has tenaciously pursued their claim for a number of years. The lawyers at Rogers Hofrichter & Karrh LLC understand how important monetary benefits are for paying one’s bills and living expenses, which is why we work dedicatedly to help our clients get what they deserve.

While individuals do not have the resources to pursue a claim, we do and we should the responsibility for their behalf, helping our clients with their first application up to all levels of their administrative hearings. We don’t only fill out paperwork-we investigate injuries and gather evidence to create a professional application that gets applicants the results they need.

We don’t give up and we don’t let our clients give up either. We use our experience and knowledge in our client’s favor and overcome hurdles that prevent them from getting SSD benefits. For more on how we help our clients, visit our page.


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