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What if my disability is up for review?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Social Security Disability, Social Security Disability

Georgia residents who meet the requirements to receive Social Security disability will undoubtedly feel a sense of relief. The injuries, illnesses and conditions that warrant SSD benefits can be difficult to deal with in a physical, personal and financial way. Since many people who seek disability cannot work and need medical treatment, the benefits can be a life-saver for them and their family. However, just because a person is approved does not mean that the benefits will continue forever.

The Social Security Administration conducts periodic reviews for those who have been approved for benefits to ensure that their issues still warrant SSD. If the person’s health has not improved enough and their disability prevents them from performing substantial gainful activity and working, they can continue to get SSD. When the review takes place, the person can show the SSA that the disability is still in place and they should keep getting benefits. For those who have more than a single condition, the combination will be considered when determining if he or she can work.

If the person’s condition is expected to improve, the initial review will be between six and 18 months from the date of disability. If the condition might improve but there is no accurate method to predict it, the case will be reviewed every three years. If it is not expected that there will be improvement, the case will be reviewed every seven years. When the review is done, the person will be asked how the condition impacts them and if it has gotten better. The treating medical professionals’ contact information must be provided. Those who have worked since the previous review must give information regarding the time-line, pay and the type of work it was. Disability Determination Services will decide on the case.

The same principles for appealing an unfavorable decision are applicable if the benefits are stopped. Understanding how to handle these circumstances is key and a law firm that specializes in SSD can help. It is natural to be fearful when there is a disability review. Calling a law firm that specializes in Social Security disability can be of assistance with the case at any juncture.


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