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Qualifying for disability benefits for burn injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Injuries, Social Security Disability

People in Fayetteville can suffer burn injuries in a variety of ways, from kitchen fires at home, dangerous chemicals at work or serious car crashes. The Social Security Administration recognizes that those who suffer burn injuries may be unable to work for a year or more and, thus, includes soft tissue injuries in its Listing of Impairments.

To qualify as a soft tissue injury of the trunk, upper or lower extremity, or face or head for the purposes of qualifying for Social Security disability benefits, the applicant must be under continuing surgical management, meaning the applicant is receiving treatment towards salvaging or restoring the functional use of the injured part of the body. In addition, the expected restoration of the major function of the injured area must be expected to last 12 months or more.

To receive SSDI benefits, a person must not be able to perform any substantial gainful activity due to their physical or mental impairment and that impairment must last 12 months or more or is projected to be fatal. The Listing of Impairments provides information on what is needed for an ailment to satisfy the requirement that the applicant cannot engage in substantial gainful activities.

Not every burn injury will meet the requirements of disability benefits. However, those who qualify may find that the benefits they receive provide the financial lifeline they need to meet their expenses. Those wishing to pursue SSDI benefits should seek the guidance they need to ensure they understand whether they meet the requirements to qualify for benefits.


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