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Reporting income essential for recipients of SSD

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration is responsible for reviewing your application for disability benefits and determining whether your inability to work qualifies you to receive disability benefits. Once you have been approved to receive benefits, it is your responsibility to provide the SSA with updates regarding your medical condition, current income and current work status.

Letting the SSA know of any changes to your income is particularly important. Recipients of Social Security disability benefits are responsible for informing the SSA of any new income they receive or any changes in work activity. In other words, they must report new earnings from work, including wages or earnings from self-employment, as well as other new income, such as sick pay, vacation pay, and workers compensation. You will need to let the SSA know if these payments change and how often you receive them.

In addition to reporting income, you must inform the SSA when you start or stop working and if your hours or pay changes. You must also let them know if you start paying for medicine, transportation, medical devices, or therapy relating to your disability. Some disability recipients may also require extra assistance at work, in the form of a mentor, or extra breaks to help them do their jobs. The SSA will need to know this information as well.

Keeping the SSA up to date on your income and employment is essential to making sure you continue receiving the disability benefits you and your family count on. For assistance with reporting your income and employment changes, speak to a disability benefits attorney in the Fayetteville, Georgia, area.


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