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What is the Listing of Impairments?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Social Security Disability

As you begin the application process for Social Security Disability benefits in Georgia, you may come across something called the Listing of Impairments. The Listing of Impairments is a list of medical conditions that the Social Security Administration (SSA) considers serious enough to keep you out of work.

The Listing of Impairments, also known as the “Blue Book,” describes severe impairments to all areas of the body. In most cases, the diseases listed are permanent or will likely result in death, but there may also be a specific duration of time listed for certain conditions.

Part A of the Listing includes criteria to be applied to adult diseases, but the criteria in Part A can also be applied to children if the disease affects them the same way it affects adults. Part B of the Listing provides criteria to evaluate diseases in children under the age of 18. If the criteria listed in Part B does not apply to the child’s condition, Social Security Disability examiners will look to Part A.

Disability examiners use the Listing of Impairments to determine whether applicants meet the SSA’s criteria for disability. Generally, if an applicant’s medical condition is listed in the Listing of Impairments, or if the applicant has a condition that is just as severe as a condition listed, the SSA will automatically qualify that person as disabled. If the applicant’s condition is not listed, the examiner will continue to the next step in the evaluation process to determine whether the applicant’s condition prevents them from working. Many people who do not have conditions listed in the Blue Book will still meet the SSA’s definition of disabled, and will as a result be eligible for disability benefits.


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