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SSDI benefits’ requirements and inability to ambulate effectively

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Certain injuries make it impossible for the person to walk effectively and perform various movements that are necessary to hold a regular job. For Georgia residents who are suffering from this type of musculoskeletal injury, it is important to understand the definition of ineffective ambulation as this is one of the keys when the Disability Determination Services and Social Security Administration decides whether to award Social Security Disability Insurance to the applicant. Having legal assistance in these cases is always a wise step.

Inability to ambulate will impact a person’s ability to perform activities. To be declared as having ineffective ambulation, the person will have an insufficient lower body function to let them ambulate without an assistive device. The person’s injury or condition will prevent them from sustaining, completing or independently initiating various activities.

When a person is assessed as to their ability to ambulate effectively, they must show a capability to sustain a reasonable walking pace for a distance that lets them complete activities necessary in daily life. They must also be able to travel and not need a companion to assist them when they go to a workplace or to school. Examples include walking without needing a walker, crutches, canes or other assistive devices. They must also be able to walk on surfaces that are uneven, use public transportation, and do basic activities like going to the store or the bank. They must climb steps at a reasonable pace by using a handrail. If the person can walk around his or her home without a device, it will not automatically mean they can ambulate effectively.

For people who have trouble walking independently, it will undoubtedly impact their ability to work and perform other basic needs for daily life. Seeking SSDI benefits can help them make ends meet and get the medical care they require. To avoid a denied claim, it is imperative to have sufficient evidence and file the claim correctly. A law firm that helps clients with their case for SSDI benefits for injuries should be contacted for assistance.


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