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How will a spine injury be evaluated for disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Injuries, Social Security Disability

People in Georgia who suffer a spine injury will have a great deal of concern as to what the future holds.

Because any back injury can cause a person severe pain and leave them disabled, they will frequently find themselves unable to work and in need of extensive medical care.

After suffering this type of injury, it is first important to get treatment and an accurate diagnosis. This is a key factor in how the Social Security Administration decides whether to approve disability benefits or not. Understanding the different spinal cord disorders, how they will affect the person’s functionality, and the subsequent evaluation is important.

People who have a disorder could be paralyzed, flaccid, spastic or suffer weakness. For those who have a spinal cord disorder and have complete loss of function, they will have no motor, sensory or automatic function on the parts of the body that have been affected. If it is a spinal cord disorder with disorganization of motor function, the person will not have a total loss of function, but they will have reduced motor, sensory and automatic function.

The SSA evaluates the spinal cord disorder based on the evidence from the three months after the person started suffering the symptoms. This will be so the level of impairment can be assessed. The evidence of the spinal cord disorder could be enough to approve of the claim within three months after it started. When the evidence shows that the person has a complete loss of function below the point of injury, the SSA will not wait three months and the decision can be made immediately.

People who have suffered a spinal cord injury of any kind will need to focus on treatment and therapy to try and improve as much as possible. Worrying about lost income and the medical costs can be a needless concern when there are more pressing needs for the injured person and his or her family.

Seeking Social Security disability benefits for injuries often requires legal assistance to ensure the process is done according to the rules and in an effective manner.


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