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Obtaining VA disability benefits for PTSD

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Veterans' Issues

Many people in Georgia are currently in the military or served in the military at some point in time. There are many requirements for people in the military and many will be deployed at some point during their time in the military. These deployments can send people in the military to many different places and many times it involves being in combat. During these situations, soldiers can experience some very traumatic events. These events can have a lasting impact on a person’s life that can affect the individuals for a long time.

Traumatic events can lead to post traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as “PTSD.” This can affect many aspects of people’s lives and affect their ability to handle stressful situations that arise in their daily lives. This can prohibit people from being able to partake in many different normal life activities and can affect their ability to work as well. If people are unable to work, it can create an even more stressful situation as they try to meet financial obligations.

Veterans who suffer from PTSD may be entitled to VA disability benefits, which can help with the financial problems they may be experiencing. In order to qualify for these benefits veterans must meet certain requirements.

The stressors that led to the PTSD must have occurred during service. The stressor must be a traumatic event, which means that the veteran suffered an injury, personal or sexual trauma, or were threatened with injury, death or sexual assault. Also, the veteran must have been diagnosed with PTSD and the individual cannot function because of the symptoms of the PTSD.

Veterans in Georgia have experienced events and situations that most civilians never experience. These experiences can be traumatic, and dealing with the stress related to the traumatic events can be very difficult. Sometimes the effects can prevent veterans from functioning normally. Veterans in this situation may be entitled to VA disability benefits, which can at least help with financial problems caused by the PTSD.


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