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Veterans seeking SSD benefits need legal help

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Veterans' Issues

There are many veterans who live in Georgia. Those who served their country and suffered injuries of any kind – mentally and physically – while they were in combat often have trouble adapting to the civilian life and getting beyond their injuries and conditions sufficiently to hold a regular job. With the number of veterans who are experiencing a multitude of problems that escalate to the point where they are homeless and in need of treatment they are not getting, it is imperative to understand how to get Social Security disability benefits based on their status as a disabled veteran. Since it can be confusing and complicated to get SSD benefits in any case, having legal help can make the difference.

It is unfortunately common for service members to return home after deployment and face adversity adapting to the civilian life. Some have physical injuries such as lost limbs, scarring, head injuries and back injuries. Others have scars that can be just as damaging, but are not as obvious. Psychological injuries can be just as if not more debilitating than physical ones. For veterans who are undiagnosed or untreated, their issues can pile on top of one another until they have nowhere to turn. It is vital to have help in getting disability benefits.

When a veteran is applying for benefits based on a service connected disability, there are certain requirements like being categorized as a veteran by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Anyone who served and was honorably discharged will generally qualify. Next, it is crucial to show that the disability is service connected. Although this can be complicated, getting medical care and a diagnosis can help to prove the case and be approved. Just about any physical or psychological issue can warrant benefits if it is proven to have been due to the service. A key is to follow all the requirements to apply and be classified and a service-related disabled veteran.

Former members of the military will often suffer through their post-service problems without trying to complain about them and they try to get through on their own. Inevitably, this is a mistake. When suffering from service-related conditions, it is important to consult with a qualified legal professional to take the proper steps to file a veterans’ disability claim. This is the first step toward getting the SSD benefits for war-related injuries and moving forward with an improved life.


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