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What should you know about SSD benefits and Ticket to Work?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Social Security Disability

There is often a perception that Georgia residents who are seeking or receiving Social Security Disability benefits are completely unable to work. While an inability to work is often a factor in receiving SSD benefits, it is not a requirement. People who believe they can work should understand how the Ticket to Work program can benefit them in this endeavor.

People between 18 and 64 years of age can take part in Ticket to Work. It is completely voluntary. The idea behind it is to let those who are disabled try to get back to work or keep working. It lets them have greater financial freedom and lowers or eliminates the need for SSD benefits. Those who are getting monthly cash benefits can sign up for Ticket to Work. It can be in a Vocational Rehabilitation agency or an Employment Network. These entities can provide training and other services to help the person get and maintain work.

Ticket to Work offers benefits to those who take part. People can see if they can work without losing their benefits. They can seek and find work that is appropriate for them. There are work incentives so that they can earn as much as possible. The following are benefits that are integral parts of Ticket to Work: the person can go back to work and the benefits can continue; the full benefits can restart if the person cannot work; healthcare will continue; and they are shielded from needing to take part in disability reviews while they are in the program and making progress.

While Ticket to Work is not for everyone who is getting SSD benefits, it is an alternative to many people who want to work or already are working. If there is confusion about the program or the benefits were stopped unfairly while taking part in Ticket to Work, it is important to have the right legal information about Social Security disability benefits.


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