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Why do claims for SSD benefits get denied?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Social Security Disability

We often hear that Social Security disability claims get denied on a fairly regular basis. In fact, statistics show that initial claims are denied a majority of the time. The reasons for these denials vary, but many claim denials could have been prevented if the applicant had taken certain steps.

One of the most common reasons claims are denied is a lack of medical evidence. Many people go to their doctors and undergo treatment, assuming that the doctor will document all the details needed by the SSA. However, in many cases, doctors do not write down how your injury affects your ability to keep a job, which is a key part of whether the SSA approves your disability claim. It is important that you keep your doctor informed on how your work is affected by your disability so that he or she can provide the SSA with a detailed explanation when the time comes. It is also important that you include all treatment records, as well as any documentation that shows that your disability kept you from working.

Many Social Security Disability claims are also denied because of the applicant’s failure to follow-up with doctors and failure to follow the treatment prescribed to them. If you do not follow your treatment plan exactly, the claims examiner may not be able to get an accurate picture of the severity of your condition. As a result, the examiner may mistakenly assume that you would be able to work if you underwent treatment as prescribed and deny your claim.

Finally, many claims in Georgia are denied for a failure to provide necessary documentation in a timely fashion or failing to show up for scheduled medical examinations. Make sure that you always respond to all requests for information and that you do your best to cooperate with the people evaluating your claim.

An experienced attorney can give you the best chance at having your claim for benefits approved. Your attorney will be able to assist with the application process and help you file an appeal, if necessary.


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