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Benefits for illnesses that develop after service for veterans

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Veterans' Issues

No one likes to get sick in Georgia. However, it is a fact of life and at some point in time everyone will get sick. Some illnesses are worse than others though, and people can contract the illnesses from different sources and in different situations. These illnesses can create various complications and may require medical treatment. In some cases, medical care is necessary for a very long time or for the rest of their life. They can also be costly as medical bills can add up and people may lose income if they are unable to work.

Veterans are like anyone else and can contract various illnesses. Some are contracted while they are actively serving in the military. Veterans who come back home with these illnesses or develop them within one year of returning could receive veteran disability benefits to help them. There are many different illnesses that are covered and veterans do not need to prove that the illness begun while they were in they were serving. It is presumed that if they get the illness within one year after service that it was from their service.

The veteran disability benefits can pay for both medical costs and compensation for their daily living. In order to receive these benefits veterans must have medical records to prove that the illness was developed within one year of service and the illness is at least 10% disabling. Veterans then must apply for the benefits and provide the medical proof to the VA who will then determine if the veteran is entitled to the benefits.

Many veterans in Georgia contract illnesses such as hypertension, arthritis, diabetes and many other illnesses. If the veteran contracts the illnesses within one year of actively serving, they may be entitled to benefits. These benefits can be very valuable as veterans transition back to society. They may need to deal with the physical problems associated with the illnesses, but they do not need to deal with the financial difficulties. Experienced attorneys understand the application process and may be able to guide one through it.


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