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Establishing your medical condition and symptoms for SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Social Security Disability

The most challenging part of a Social Security Disability claim can be proving to the Social Security Administration that your illness or impairment prevents you from working. The SSA approves many applications for Social Security disability benefits, but the reality is that a majority of claims are initially denied. These denials often stem from the claimant’s inability to prove that their medical condition exists and is severe enough to negatively affect their ability to work.

In general, the SSA is looking at the nature and severity of your condition, the length of time you have suffered with this condition, and whether you are able to do work-related activities with this condition.

The first step for Georgia disability claimants is to provide medical evidence from treating physicians and facilities to show the SSA that they have undergone treatment and been evaluated by professionals. Often times, this evidence is not enough to establish the claimant’s disability. In such cases, a consultative examination may be required.

The claimant’s own doctor may perform the required test, but in some cases, the SSA will choose to use a third party physician to conduct the test. For example, a third party physician may be used if the claimant’s doctor opts not to perform the test or the claimant has a valid reason to request a third party physician. Once the test is complete, a completed CE report will be used to help the SSA make a decision about the claimant’s eligibility for benefits.

In addition, the SSA will want evidence to establish the claimant’s symptoms and pain resulting from the medical condition in question. Claimants will need to show the SSA evidence of their everyday activities and provide details about each symptom they experience, including location of the pain, duration, pain intensity and frequency. The claimant will also need to inform the SSA of any pain medications they take or other treatments they use to relieve their pain.

An attorney specializing in disability benefits can help gather and present the necessary evidence for the SSA to approve your claim for benefits.


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