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Illnesses that are common for people seeking SSDI

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illnesses

There are many things that people in Georgia do every day that they may take for granted. This includes being able to go to work, drive a car, prepare food, walk, use their arms and legs and many other activities. Many people can do these things with no problem when they are healthy, but people are not always lucky enough to be healthy all the time. Many people suffer injuries and illnesses, which make doing many of the daily tasks stated above difficult.

When people suffer from illnesses that prevent people from doing daily tasks, including working, it can be difficult both physically and financially. Doctors may be able to help with the physical conditions, but they cannot help with the financial problems people may face as a result of the illnesses. However, people can receive financial help through other resources like social security disability benefits or SSDI.

There are many illnesses that people may have that may qualify them for SSDI benefits, but some are more common than others. Many people are unable to work because of heart conditions and strokes, which account for 17% of all medical costs. Many people are also unable to work while they treat cancer with chemotherapy and other treatments. Diabetes is another major health problem that can lead to other problems as well. One of the leading causes of disability in young people is multiple sclerosis or MS. Many others also suffer from mental health disorders, which can affect their ability to work.

There are many different illnesses that people in Georgia contract and develop. Many of these illnesses will heal in a relatively short period of time, but unfortunately, some illnesses affect people for a very long time and sometimes the rest of their lives. If these illnesses prevent people from working, they may be able to receive SSDI benefits to at least ease the financial burdens associated with the illnesses. Experienced attorneys understand this complicated process and may be a valuable resource.


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