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People who have amputated limbs could receive SSDI

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2019 | Injuries, Social Security Disability

People in Georgia sprain ankles, knees, wrists and other joints. They also break bones, tear ligaments, suffer cuts and lacerations and many other types of injuries. There are also many different ways to treat these injuries. The treatment required depends on the type and severity of the injury. Some treatments are simply such as putting ice on it or just resting. However, other injuries require surgeries and other invasive treatments to ensure that the injury heals correctly.

However, sometimes due to the type and severity of the injury doctors are forced to amputate a limb because there is no other way to save the victim. This means that the victim will no longer have the use of their hands, arms, legs or other body parts. The victims may be able to use prosthetics and other medical devices to assist them perform functions that the amputated body part performed, but the victim will experience limitations due to the loss.

These limitations can also make it difficult for the victim to work, which creates other difficulties as well. However, if the victim meets certain requirements they may be able to receive social security disability (SSDI) benefits. These requirements are: the victim has both hands amputated, or has one or both legs amputated and cannot have prosthetics or move effectively for over 12 months, or one leg and one hand is amputated or had hemipelvectomy or hip disarticulation.

There are many injuries that people in Georgia suffer that requires doctors to amputate limbs. Due to advances in medical technology, the victims may be able to do many things they used to be able to do with prosthetics and other medical devices. However, this is not always a possibility though and sometimes even with them, people are unable to work. This can create financial problems for the victim, but they may be able to receive SSDI benefits. Experienced attorneys understand the importance of this compensation and could guide one through the process.


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