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Veterans exposed to hazardous materials could receive benefits

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | Veterans' Issues

People from Georgia who have served in the military may have been exposed to many different situations during their service. Many have been overseas and faced combat at various levels. These combat situations put people’s lives at risks. However, due to exposure to some of the chemicals used in weapons or from other conditions in the countries people have fought in, veterans may face residual effects of combat long after they return home.

This is true for many different wars and different areas where servicemembers have been stationed. These chemicals and illnesses can cause major problems for veterans, but they may be able to receive compensation due to being exposed to them. This compensation can be obtained through VA disability benefits.

Veterans of the Vietnam War, for example, may be entitled to compensation for their exposure to Agent Orange and other chemicals. Agent Orange can also cause birth defects and the children of veterans exposed to it could also receive benefits. Veterans who served in the Gulf War in both Southwest Asia and Afghanistan may have been exposed to certain illnesses linked to the regions. People serving in Iraq and Afghanistan could have been exposed to certain toxins in the air, water and soil as well. Veterans who worked in many military buildings may have been exposed to asbestos. There are many other chemicals and hazardous materials that veterans have been exposed to in different areas around the world as well.

While people in Georgia are serving in the military they are making great sacrifices and are putting their lives on the line. This includes being in combat and facing enemies’ militaries, but they are also exposed to many hazardous materials, chemicals and illnesses that many civilians are never exposed to. The exposure can cause long-term health problems and veterans exposed to them could be entitled to benefits as a result.


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