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Applying for SSD benefits when crisis strikes

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | Social Security Disability

Suffering a sudden injury can be very impactful. One never expects to endure such a situation incident, making it especially challenging to address the losses caused by this matter. Medical bills can become overwhelming, and the magnitude of the financial challenges can increase significantly if one is unable to work because of a disabling injury.

No one knows hen crisis will strike; thus, when an individual suffers a serious injury, it may be appropriate to explore options such as Social Security disability. This program was designed to help those unable to work because of a disabling condition. Because less than 1 in 3 working Americans have private disability insurance, most individuals that experience a work-disrupting disability rely on Social Security Disability Insurance.

While this program available to those that have paid into the program and have earned enough work credits, an individual seeking SSD benefits must still qualify for these benefits. In other words, he or she must be suffering from an eligible condition. Those applying for SSD benefits do so for many reasons. This includes obtaining an income to meet one’s basic living needs, health insurance for his or her medical needs, protect retirement benefits, protect his or her long-term disability income and get the support needed to go back to work.

Although there are many reasons to apply for SSD benefits, one must still qualify. An applicant must ensure that their application is complete and accurate. This may not always be clear, making it important that one become knowledgeable about their rights and options.


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