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Evidence to receive SSDI for hematological disorders

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illnesses

The body is complex and many people in Georgia may not know how every part of it works. The various body parts also must work together to ensure that it is working properly and many parts rely on others to do their job. So, when people are suffering from a disorder of one body part, it can have significant effects on other parts of the body. One of these disorders are hematological disorders. These are blood disorders and can affect the function of red and white blood cells, clotting and other issues.

If the body is producing too little or too many red or white blood cells, it can affect the immune system. That means that people may contract diseases and infections more easily, which can lead to even bigger problems for people. Red blood cells carry oxygen to various parts of the body and can also remove carbon dioxide as well. So, when these are functioning properly, it can affect many different parts of the body that are no longer receiving the oxygen they need to function.

Due to the complications caused by these disorders, people may not be able to work, which can cause significant financial problems. But, these people may be able to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. In order to receive these benefits people must apply though and provide evidence of the disorder.

The evidence needed includes laboratory reports or testing that documents the hematological disorder that is either signed by a doctor or accompanied with a report from a doctor. If people are unable to produce laboratory reports or testing, they must provide a persuasive report from a doctor indicating the diagnosis.

Unfortunately, many people in Georgia have hematological disorders. These can affect the body in many different ways and can prevent people from working. These people may be able to receive SSD benefits though which can help ease some of the financial hardships they experience due to not having an income. It is important to have all the evidence ready though and consulting with an experienced attorney can be beneficial.


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