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People with chronic liver disease may be able to receive SSDI

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There are may different body parts that perform many different functions for people in Georgia. Many of these functions are vital for the human body to work properly. Also, many of the functions are reliant on the functions of other body parts. When one ceases to function properly it can affect other body parts as well. When multiple body parts are not functioning properly it can obviously create an even bigger problem.

One of these body parts is the liver. When the liver is not working properly due to disease, it can cause itching, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, sleep issues and other problems. It can also cause jaundice and even affect one’s mental status. Some of the common liver diseases are chronic hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, primary biliary cirrhosis, autoimmune hepatitis, Wilson’s disease, drug-induced liver disease and many others. Some of these are chronic in nature as well and will require a long-time to heal from or may result in the person needing a liver transplant.

People with chronic liver diseases may experience many physical problems as a result which can present a major disruption in people’s daily lives. This can include their ability to work, which can create some financial problems as well. People with chronic liver disease may be entitled to social security disability benefits though. However, the liver disease must be chronic meaning that it persists for more than six months. If the person qualifies though, the SSDI benefits can provide for some of the loss income.

Unfortunately, people in Georgia suffer from many different illnesses each year. Some can be relatively minor, but others, such as liver disease, can affect them for a long period of time and create both physical and financial problems for people. While it cannot help the physical issues people may be dealing with, social security disability benefits can be very important for them to help at least ease the financial problems. Experienced attorneys understand the importance of these benefits and may be able to help one receive them.


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