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Disability ratings for VA disability benefits

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2019 | Veterans' Issues

There are many things that veterans in Georgia must endure while they are serving their country. These include dangerous situations that could result in the veteran being injured. These injuries can be severe as well, and in some cases, be something that they will be forced to live with for the rest of their lives. If they are severe enough, the veteran may not be able to work when they end their service. This can be very devastating for them, as they may not be able to support themselves with no income.

Veterans who find themselves in this unfortunate situation may qualify for VA disability benefits. These benefits can be very valuable and help pay for the necessities of life that they cannot pay for on their own due to the injuries. The amount veterans receive depend on a couple different factors but one of the big factors is the disability rating the veteran receives for their injury or injuries, if they suffer from multiple injuries.

The ratings go from 0% – 100%, with 100% being the worse injuries. The 0% – 10% ratings are usually given for injuries that require a diagnosis and rating, but they do not really affect the veterans’ ability to work.

100% ratings are given to those who cannot work at all to support themselves. A permanent 100% rating can only be given once the conditions stabilize and it is known that the conditions will be present the rest of the veterans’ lives. Some conditions are severe enough for a 100% rating, but treatment is ongoing, making it unknown whether the injury will get better or worse. Also, multiple injury ratings can be combined when determining whether a veteran has a 100% rating.

Many veterans are injured while in service, and many of these injuries do not heal by the time the veteran leaves the service. However, like with all injuries, the severity varies. Some injuries will heal given some time while others are permanent and will be something the veteran deals with for the rest of their lives. That is why VA disability benefits are so important and consulting with an experienced attorney can be beneficial.


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