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How medical exams are analyzed for Veteran Disability Benefits

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2019 | Veterans' Issues

Coming home for many veterans in Georgia means that they will be able to see family and friends that they have not seen for a long time. However, sometimes veterans come home with various injuries as well, and they must be treated when they return. These injuries can be tough to live with, really limiting their ability to do certain activities like working. This can put them in a very difficult place as they still need to figure out how to pay for they life back home.

Veterans who find themselves in this unfortunate position when they return may qualify for veterans disability benefits. The amount of the benefits depends on the severity of the injury. Injuries are given a rating, and this rating is used to determine the amount of the benefits. In determining what rating to give a certain injury, the ratings authority will analyze medical examinations to determine the severity.

In analyzing the medical reports, the ratings authority looks at the medical provider who supplied the information, if they are a specialist in the field, the type of tests they performed, the tools they used to conduct the exam and many other factors. In analyzing the factors, the ratings authority will give a probative value to the exam.

They will also analyze different medical exams and determine which one is the most accurate. However, if two exams are very similar but give different opinions as to the severity, the veteran will get the benefit and they will go with the most severe opinion. If they do not have all the information they need, then they will request additional exams.

Veterans in Georgia may suffer many different types of injuries while in service or related to their service. They could receive veterans disability benefits to help them financially, but how much is determined after a ratings process. The ultimate benefit is determined after the severity of the injury is determined, which could involve multiple medical examinations to determine the true severity. It is important to understand what evidence they are looking for and consulting with an experienced attorney could be valuable.


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