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The reasons Social Security Disability benefits come to an end

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2019 | Social Security Disability

A disability can occur very unexpectedly. Whether it is due to a medical condition or injury, adjusting to life with a disabling condition can be challenging. Even when individuals in Georgia and elsewhere are able to obtain accommodations to make living with a disability easier, the reality is that many Americans face financial hardship because they are no longer able to work or make a decent living due to the disability.

There are roughly 8.5 million disabled workers in the U.S., which means many of them require disability benefits in order to have a source of income while unable to work due to a disability. But, even when an individual secures these benefits, it is possible that they could suddenly come to an end. One reason for this is that a recipient has reached retirement age and has switched to retirement benefits. Another reason is because a recipient is able to return to work. A third reason could occur when a person no longer meets the definition of “disabled,” which could be related to a recipient recovering from a medical condition or injury.

Another common reason SSD benefits could stop is when an individual exceeds the asset limits. This could be related to inheritances that were received while receiving Supplemental Security Income.

Securing Social Security Disability benefits is often very necessary for those living with a disabling condition. It is imperative for individuals to timely apply for these benefits. Georgia residents who may be eligible to receive SSD benefits may need to get more information about their own unique circumstances.


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