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This is the most common veteran disability 

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Veterans' Issues

Veterans face many challenges upon returning from service to their country, and disabilities can change their lives forever. For some, they have PTSD and other mental and emotional issues that they can’t shake, based on what they saw and experienced. For others, they have to deal with physical changes like amputation injuries or paralysis. 

All veterans deserve proper care for these ailments, and that means it’s important to consider all potential disabilities. Though it may not get as much attention in the media, the government itself notes that no disability is more common among American veterans than hearing loss. And it’s not just common. They actually note that it is “by far” the disability that the greatest number of veterans face. 

The level of hearing loss is different in various cases. Some cannot hear at all; others may have significant hearing loss on one side and not much on the other, perhaps due to a blast or explosion on that side. Many can still hear but have a constant ringing in their ears that is known as tinnitus. 

Are there any solutions? Sometimes. For those with conductive hearing loss, medication and surgery can help in many cases. For those with sensorineural hearing loss, hearing aids can help in some instances, but there is nothing that can be done to promote healing or repair the damage. They may have to deal with the condition for the rest of their lives, along with natural hearing loss as they age. 

For veterans who have been impacted by hearing loss and other disabilities, it’s important to know what legal options they have regarding disability benefits and other entitlements. If you’re having trouble getting your case taken seriously, it might be time to get some legal assistance.



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