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If depression affects your ability to work, you may qualify for benefits

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2020 | Social Security Disability

You have had diagnosed depression for several years, and you’ve always managed to live with it. Your employer has been kind about your diagnosis and allowed you to adjust your schedule to work around bad days and times when you simply couldn’t get into the office.

When your employer sold the business, you knew that you may be unable to continue receiving those helpful accommodations. The new owner was strict, requiring everyone to be in the office on time. Even though you discussed the problem with them, they told you that you had sick leave or vacation time to use. 

The stress of the change to new management may have been the trigger, but you soon found yourself unable to work. You could barely get out of bed, let alone put in eight hours in an office. You switched medications and got support from your psychiatrist, but nothing seemed to help. 

Can you apply for Social Security Disability benefits?

If your condition meets the requirements set by the Social Security Administration (SSA), then you may qualify for benefits. You will need to show that you have a depressive disorder that is characterized by five or more of the requirements they set, such as sleep disturbances, thoughts of suicide, decreased energy, depressed mood or others. Additionally, you will need to show that your ability to function mentally is severely limited or that your condition is serious and persistent. 

The requirements for those with depression are significant, so you should talk to your attorney and medical provider if you intend to apply. Presenting your claim in an organized, coherent manner so that SSA is able to understand your limitations is essential to your success. 


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