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Why might the Social Security Administration have denied your disability claim?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Social Security Disability

You may have applied for Social Security Disability benefits after developing a medical condition or suffering from an injury. While these benefits would help you due to your inability to work, your request has been denied. This turn of events can be greatly disheartening, however, an initial denial doesn’t mean that you can’t appeal and that you can’t apply again.

Why would you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits in the first place? Knowing the answer to this question may help to bolster an appeal and/or prevent another denial.

1. You have a medical condition that won’t last for at least one year

The basic definition of disability – for the purposes of SSD benefits – involves a time-sensitive element. To qualify, a medical condition must be expected to last for at least 12 months or until death. Many injuries and illnesses can be effectively managed in a shorter time span. Your medical condition or injury may have been debilitating for a few months. But if it’s expected that your injury or illness will improve quickly, then you could have been denied benefits on these grounds.

2. Your medical condition isn’t severe

It’s hard to know exactly what injuries and illnesses will be considered disabling. Most disabilities have to meet an official listing. If you were denied, you may not have had enough medical documentation to support the assertion that your condition is sufficiently severe to qualify for benefits.

3. You’re too young

There isn’t an exact age that prevents someone from seeking disability benefits. However, you need to have amassed enough employment credits to qualify for SSD benefits before an application will be approved. If you only worked for six months as a teenager before getting injured, it is unlikely that you’re in a position to qualify for SSD benefits at this time.

4. You missed a deadline or phone call

There are a lot of steps involved in applying for Social Security Disability benefits. You may be asked to submit additional information about your work or medical condition. If you don’t respond in time or miss a phone call, then your claim may be denied due to this delay.

As stated above, you should not feel too discouraged because you didn’t get your Social Security Disability benefits approved, as there may be viable ways forward. Speaking with an experienced legal professional can help you to make informed choices about your next steps.


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